About the Company

Sanjole's Honolulu OfficesSanjole is a leader in LTE and WiMAX testing with expertise in innovative wireless technology. Sanjole provides problem solving capabilities from inside the wireless network through over the air analysis tools that provide visibility into events spanning multiple layers.

Sanjole has been involved from the very beginning of WiMAX as a test vendor in the first plugfests for both fixed and wireless devices. Our work with the WiMAX Forum and 3GPP combined with extensive experience in interoperability trials gives Sanjole deep insight into the complex technical issues specific to the LTE and WiMAX community.

Our management team has vast experience in both RF design, Digital processing, FPGA programming and software implementation. These skill sets allow us to provide unique solutions to the market place which ultimately drive quick identification and problem solving abilities. Our solutions focus on combining the strengths of RF analysis tools with protocol analysis capabilities at the upper layers.

Our customers include industry leaders and innovators. Click for a partial listing of our customers and partners.