Performance and Benchmarking

5G Performance Testing & Benchmarking

5G Performance Testing

As designs mature and the usage of spectrum and number of device acceptance increases, testing the performance of 5G wireless devices and networks become more and more important.

Visibility is a critical aspect of 5G testing the gNB behavior when monitoring many UE’s and Sanjole’s use of advanced processors provides analysis of all control and user plane data while not impacting the 5G devices themselves. 5G Over the air monitoring and charting changes in behavior due to stressful scenarios allows detection of problems in a concise and timely manner.

Sanjole’s ability to capture and analyze everything that happens within the 5G wireless channel, independent of any of the network components, provides true assessment to the performance and viability of one’s design.

Whether using advanced 5G test set ups in the lab which incorporate stress testing or monitoring commercial 5G networks under actual loading conditions, Sanjole can provide in-depth views of all interactions.

  • Analysis of scheduling behavior in the presence of many UE’s

  • Discover channel conditions for optimal performance

  • Observe RF conditions vs. coding decisions

  • Monitor issues with hand-overs at cell edge

  • Compare carrier networks

  • Independently capture over the air communications

5G Benchmarking

Design and deployment of wireless devices and networks continues to evolve with the ever-changing channel conditions and feature support required by your clients.

The ability to record and review the conditions when performance is optimal and compare when the results are less than expected provides insight into this changing 5G environment.  Sanjole’s ability to provide both lab and field conditions in a concise reporting structure, allows you to draw accurate conclusions and continue to design in an evolving and non-static environment.

Ensure your 5G testing analysis includes both the addition of devices and features along with the changing conditions due to urban sprawl and make sure you have all the facts and are not reliant on the varying report structures and quality of devices whose primary function is not to record and analyze.

  • Observe scheduler behavior to maximize spectrum usage over time

  • Optimize the performance of your network based on the changing channel conditions

  • Analyze behavior of gNB as a result of the feedback reports of many UE’s

  • Monitor each device within the channel simultaneously along with the gNB


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