5G Interoperability Testing

Interoperability is essential to every device which is targeted for commercial 5G deployment.

Implementations and innovation combine adherence to specifications while providing flexibility in design strategies.  Avoid the confusion created when multiple vendors’ products and analysis logs are contradictory, causing undue delays, increase in engineering expense and overall revenue depreciation.  Operating on a 5G test bench with simulators also provides finger pointing occurrences when logs of the devices seem to contradict.

Sanjole’s approach is simple – show all communications and 5G RF conditions independent of the actual devices.  This allows one to truly understand what is being transmitted and received over the air.  Far too many times 5G equipment logs are inaccurate due to their inability to see what is being transmitted out of the radio.  Our products provide in depth information of what is actually taking place NOT what the device is reporting.

Sanjole has the world’s leading client base from all phases of the 5G wireless ecosystem combined with the dedicated layered approach which allows fast resolution to any and all 5G interoperability issues.  Join the experts who have shown repeatedly why our system is a must in any interoperability 5G test phase.

  • Generate independent logs of both eNB/gNB and UE behavior

  • Trace all interactions within the wireless channel

  • Analyze 5G from RF/PHY layers through upper layer protocols

  • Decipher in real time with support of keys and encryption algorithms

  • Eliminate finger pointing and resolve any conflicting reports


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