Troubleshooting & Field Testing

Whether you are working in a design environment, integrating various components and layers, certifying devices for field use, or handling the deployment aspects of a wireless network, the ability to quickly troubleshoot complex scenarios provides the speed to deliver your end goals.  Our systematic and layered approach allows quick and decisive action based on factual information.  Whether depending on logs from a single device or attempting to decide which reports your engineers should believe, Sanjole offers a completely unbiased view of what has occurred over-the-air within the channel in question.

Our core focus is to assert your engineering efforts in the correct area instead of chasing causes based on erroneous leads.  Correlation from RF/PHY layers through the upper layer protocols allows insight into complex issues that simply are not available in any device within the network or test bench.  From hand-over problems to incorrect UE reporting of entry procedures, Sanjole captures it all and allows complete analysis, review and reporting for all levels involved with the critical decisions that require evidence and actualities.

Sanjole’s unique ability to passively monitor the wireless channel also provides the ability for faster deployment.

  • Combine PHY layer testing with protocol testing

  • All in one toolkit for wireless testing

  • Solve the most complex issues with correlated evidence independent of the devices

  • Monitor both DL/UL directions simultaneously

  • All bands – all modes- one system


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