WaveJudge 5000 WiMAX Analyzer

Understanding the analytical power of the WaveJudge 5000

The WaveJudge acts as a wireless protocol sniffer, capturing the full over-the-air conversation of upper-layer messages, including RF signal characteristics, for offline analysis.


The WaveJudge makes it easy to set up and visually confirm complex test configurations.

Probing and cross-layer correlation

There are two primary reasons the WaveJudge provides unparalleled visibility into the interaction between wireless devices.

First, unlike legacy test tools, which replace actual endpoints in the system under test, the WaveJudge taps into the complete conversation at the RF interface. This ability to test in the middle, not at the ends, means you do not have to modify the system to fit the test tool. Not only does this improve ease of testing, it avoids disruption to the system that can change or influence the very behavior you are trying to troubleshoot. You get more reliable results and fewer troubleshooting dead ends.

Second, the WaveJudge shows you RF signals time correlated with upper-layer protocol messages. This cross-correlation gives you the power to rapidly investigate and isolate the true root cause of the symptoms or failures you encounter.

Displaying the relationship is as simple as selecting a protocol message and then viewing a trace of the RF transmission. A WaveJudge trace contains a wealth of information, such as time domain power and spectral FFT with logical and physical mapping by the scheduler.

Decode and analyze the full WiMAX protocol stack

WaveJudge 5000 air monitor provides visibility into interaction between physical and protocol layers in wireless communications, in this case, over a WiMAX network.

Cross-layer correlation also allows you to:

  • Verify changes in power, frequency and timing as a mobile station enters the network by visually tracking requests and responses.
  • Analyze UL allocations to detect errors and identify resulting bursts sent in incorrect frame locations.
  • Examine the behavior of the BS and MS during MIMO handovers.
  • Track complete protocol exchange of multiple MSs with BS.
  • Reveal timing offset violations by viewing the position of MS messages relative to the allocation start time assigned by the BS.
  • Identify subchannels and sub carriers used for each slot within a protocol message to determine proper zone permutation assignments.
  • Visually locate BS scheduling errors through advanced logical views of DL/UL assignments.

The value of true air capture

Traditionally, one of the problems of over-the-air testing is that conditions cannot be tightly controlled and reproduced. When you encounter an error, running the test again may not create the same wireless environment. With the WaveJudge, protocol messages and RF signal characteristics, errors included, are captured over the air. This true air capture promotes testing integrity resulting in accurate identification of error source. The ability to characterize the channel conditions when analyzing application behavior and protocol exchange provides distinct advantages over BS logging capabilities.

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