WaveJudge 5G Wireless Testing

With the adoption of 5G NR as the worldwide 5G standard, developers and service providers are now tasked with finding appropriate and effective wireless test tools to enable first-to-market success.

Sanjole WaveJudge 5G Network Testing

The Sanjole WaveJudge has been a solid over-the-air test solution for emerging wireless technologies and continues to prove its worth with its new 5G module.

This is the first over-the-air 5G monitoring solution to give you visibility into the interaction between protocol and physical layers in wireless transmissions. Using high-speed programmable hardware for in-the-field updates, the module ensures scalability and investment protection by operating as a plug-in component for the industry-leading, full-featured WaveJudge 5000 platform. It eliminates the need to rely on unproven single function 5G test systems that lack the comprehensive and multi-functional test architecture of the WaveJudge platform hardware, software and user interface.


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