Advanced LTE Testing and WiMAX Testing Products

WaveJudge 5000 test system


WaveJudge 5000 Wireless Test System

From silicon development to carrier deployment, the WaveJudge 5000 is an essential tool for development and deployment of both LTE and WiMAX solutions.

WaveJudge 5000 Modules

Learn about the modules that give you the ultimate in flexibility for customizing a test solution targeted to your testing needs.

WaveJudge 5000 LTE Analyzer

Enabling integrated L1-L3 testing beyond the reach of legacy test platforms.

WaveJudge 5000 WiMAX Analyzer

In depth analysis of WiMAX technology featuring a programmable design with support for testing 400 MHz to 6 GHz.

IntelliJudge LTE

IntelliJudge pairs with WaveJudge to take LTE testing to the next level by expanding the capabilities of the WaveJudge to support real-time decoding, filtering and triggering on all layers.