Sanjole Tests IoT Device for Tier 1 Operator

Sanjole Tests IoT Device for Tier 1 Operator

Smart meter IoT testing

A smart meter similar to this was tested using the CipherJudge.

Sanjole’s CipherJudge was used by a leading US Tier 1 Operator to test and troubleshoot an LTE Smart Meter. The Operator’s engineers were able to test a new Smart Meter before deployment for issues that had the potential to bring down an LTE macrocell.

The CipherJudge, an add-on to the WaveJudge 5000, is a pocket-sized device that physically connects to any UE/Terminal/Handset (including iPhone!). By intercepting the RF signal the WaveJudge/CipherJudge is able to decode all encrypted messages between the UE and the eNodeB. In doing so, the WaveJudge/CipherJudge enables engineers to test encrypted LTE communications, capture/decode encrypted VoLTE protocols (including RRC/NAS and SIP/RTP), debug handover issues, and measure UE performance/throughput in the lab or in a deployed network.

This ability to diagnose problems of a UE operating in a network serving hundreds of other users while encryption is enabled makes Sanjole’s CipherJudge a powerful tool in any engineer’s arsenal. Learn more about CipherJudge.