FTP Uploads

Sanjole support staff can provide your engineering team with expert analysis of your captures of over-the-air channel occurrences. We can analyze your captures either by phone, ftp uploads or shared web support. Click the link to upload your captures via ftp.

You’ll need your username and password for access. For ftp, the username format is “username@sanjole.com”.

Forgot your username or password?

Customers receive a certificate containing the user name, website password, dongle IDs and dongle passwords with shipment of the Sanjole product.

If you’ve lost or forgotten your username, and/or password contact support@sanjole.com.

If you’ve lost or forgotten your dongle password you’ll need to provide the dongle ID. The dongle contains two IDs, one is burned into the dongle and is displayed by the license manager as well as under help->license. The other is etched into the dongle’s USB connector.