Testing C-V2X

C-V2X Testing with WaveJudge 5000

The WaveJudge 5000 wireless test and measurement system is an essential, timesaving tool for cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) development and testing

Created by Sanjole, a recognized leader in wireless testing, the WaveJudge efficiently reveals insights needed to troubleshoot and accelerate solid implementation of 3GPP Release 14 PC-5 based vehicle peer-to-peer communications between LTE user equipment. The proven breadth and depth of the WaveJudge facilitates adoption of the latest 3GPP technologies with greater ease and speed, thereby allowing automotive players to stride into successful commercialization of C-V2X innovations and products.

Test Application Examples

The WaveJudge 5000 combined with LTE Release 14 software package can verify physical layer attributes of C-V2X and ultimately data transmission over the PC5 interface.

  • Test Ultra-low latency to ensure the time-critical information is transferred well in advance of dangerous situations
  • Compare the efficiencies of distributed vs eNB scheduling over the PC5 and Uu interface
  • Evaluate current detection technologies on cameras or radar and verify detection within a line or radius of detection
  • Enable better accident-prevention capabilities by verifying the on-board detection system in a car
  • Verify the messages used to broadcast hidden potential traffic hazards
  • Check lower latency related to minimizing the time for sending critical messages from one car to the other
  • Ensure proper testing for processing speed, power and data volume which are increasing with each new design cycle

For cellular V2X

  • Test each channel, measure each connection’s accessibility, latency, message decodes, and overall performance
  • Troubleshoot C-V2X Direct Communications (PC5) Mode 4 (out-ofnetwork coverage) capable devices as defined in 3GPP Release 14

WaveJudge 5000 gives visibility into interaction between physical and protocol layers for testing C-V2X

Benefits at a Glance

With the Sanjole WaveJudge 5000 and C-V2X Application you can

  • Achieve faster time to market using our industry proven test platform and state-of-the-art C-V2X modules
  • Understand the interactions between Vehicles at all layers
  • Analyze scheduling and interference management of V2V traffic
  • Evaluate conditions in mixed V2X environments (V2V,V2P and V2I) UE HOST
  • Test behavior and performance characteristics of networks resulting from the addition of V2X devices and data
  • Analyze the PHY layer early in development while maintaining same platform for upper layer correlation
  • Identify complex causes of interoperability problems
  • Improve the performance of the overall wireless connection
  • Verify network behavior from an over-the-air interface, including complex antennae and modulation schemes
  • Capture wireless conditions in the field for replay in the lab
  • Accurately identify anomalies that affect throughput and delay
  • Ensure upward compatibility with future C-V2X and 5G standards

Key Features and Test Capabilities

The WaveJudge C-V2X analyzer supports the following with more new features being added weekly to accommodate advancements in the standard.

  • Direct V2V, V2I, and V2P operating in ITS bands (e.g. ITS 5.9 GHz) independent of cellular network implemented over PC5 interface
  • Network V2N operation in traditional mobile broadband licensed spectrum implemented over Uu interface
  • Sub-6 GHz and mmWave (future) spectrums scalable for different bandwidths including 10/20 MHz bandwidth
  • Distributed and eNB scheduling support
  • Software defined radios to handle different PHY
  • Highly scalable platform for easy configuration of complex test cases
  • GNSS for time synchronization

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